Ansul’s pedigree dates back to 1939 when it became the first company to produce a dry chemical cartridge-operated fire extinguisher.  In 1940 Ansul began training first responders in how to better fight fires and how to get the best apply its product.  But Ansul didn’t stop there.  Through the decades Ansul has continued to design and innovate fire extinguishing and suppression systems.

Today, Ansul’s research lab is one of the most extensive fire prevention test facilities in the world.  That same innovative spirit that created a new category of fire extinguisher in 1939 lives on today in every product Ansul manufactures.

Restaurant Systems

Ansul has solutions for restaurants and dining facilities.  Two of their leading solutions are the R-102 and the Piranha.

Ansul’s R-102 has a flexible design which incorporates a low pH liquid agent. This agent snuffs out the fire and cools down the surface. Its nozzle placement also allows sprays to overlap, ensuring total coverage.

The Piranha system is the only agent-plus-water dual product on the market today and uses both systems to its advantage when fighting kitchen fires. If you have a need for a more aesthetically pleasing cooking environment, the Piranha system’s high-proximity nozzles are a supurb option as they are unobtrusive to the visual lines of your kitchen’s design but still ferociously fight fires.

Portable Extinguishers

Which bring us full circle back to everyday fire extinguishers – Since 1939, Ansul has innovated and manufactured basic fire extinguisher for the office or workplace.  From standard wall mounted dry chemical extinguishers to industrial sized extinguishers for larger spaces, Ansul’s arsenal of fire extinguishers has a solution for your fire suppression needs.

Gaseous Suppression System

Industries that use sensitive equipment and technology need a different fire suppression method than others. Spray down a computer fire with a standard extinguisher only adds to the danger to persons and if the flames don’t destroy the data and hardware, the water will.

With gaseous suppression systems, you can put extinguish fires effectively without harming people, equipment, or the environment. Ansul’s INERGEN system is safe for both people and the ozone layer since it is an inert gas.  Ansul’s SAPPHIRE systems and FM-200 systems are ideal for putting out fire while still saving high-value assets.

Industrial Systems

Petrochem factories and distribution sites pose an inherent fire risk from their very nature of their operations.  But with proper design and forethought, those risk can be managed and mitigated.  Ansul’s decades of experience has allowed it to develop some of the most advanced suppression tools available to fight flammable liquid fires quickly and safely.  With a piped dry chemical system from Ansul, your suppression needs will be met. This industrial system gives you the needed full-time protection to extinguish potentially dangerous fires at your facility and minimize harm to people and your facility.

Vehicle Systems

Decades of experience are built into Ansul’ vehicle fire suppression systems. When choosing the right firefighting setup for your vehicles, it’s important to choose something that will ensure the safety of your driver as well as the equipment on board it. Ansul’s A-101 dry chemical system and the LVS twin-agent system puts out fires efficiently and are ideally suited for off road and underground mining vehicles and equipment. The LVS liquid agent is better for on-road vehicles and construction equipment.

Foam Agent

There are many different foams offered by Ansul for fire suppression. Foam agents are effective for use on fuels and on specific combustible materials that standard extinguishers are unable to address.  Typically, foams are the preferred agent for manufacturing and aerospace environments.  From polar solvent foam to hydrocarbon foam, to high-expansion suppression foam to vapor suppression, Ansul has the foam for any manufacturing environment that will protect both workers and property.