For more than 100 years, Badger has manufactured fire extinguishers for industrial applications. Badger offers many types of extinguishers to address an array of fire and combustion threats.


Extra High Flow

These extinguishers are perfect for class B hazards and employ a dry chemical agent.  They have large pull loops and have a rugged heavy discharge hose for direct and steady handling.

ABC Multipurpose Extra

This fire extinguisher is designed to tackle class A, B, or C fire hazards using dry chemical agents. Badger provides a 6-year warranty for their ABC Multipurpose Extra Fire Extinguishers.

Badger Advantage Series

There are four different Badger Advantage extinguishers – the 20, 10, 5, and 2.5 models. Each is faster to service than regular extinguishers, and they feature heavy siphon tubes as well as square thread design. The Badger Advantage series are suited for small businesses and home use.

ABC Multipurpose Standard

The Badger Multipurpose Standard is an economical option for any businesses. These extinguishers are versatile and are suitable to extinguish class A, B, and C fires. The Multipurpose Standard is designed to meet the majority of fire risks.


Badger’s AR-AFFF Foam extinguisher is a versatile foam extinguisher.  Its hydrocarbon/foam combination can stop class A and B fires before they even begin.

Regular Dry Chemical Extra

This heavy duty extinguisher from Badger is designed to address class B and C fires. It can be mounted on walls for easy access and deployment.


Fire and safety professionals put their trust in Badger Brigade cartridge extinguishers every day. Badgers Brigade cartridge extinguishers are designed to fight high hazard fires by carrying more extinguishing agent and delivering the agent at a higher flow rate.

Carbon Dioxide

Badger’s Carbon Dioxide extinguisher is designed to address the unique properties of liquid and electrical fires.  CO2 is an effective agent that leaves no residue.  Most equipment and property will not be damaged by the CO2 agent’s spray.

Class D

Some fires burn hotter than others and can present a challenge to put out.  If you work with combustible metals (magnesium, potassium, etc.), then the Class D extinguisher is the choice solution. The agent creates a crust around the blaze that chokes off oxygen and smothers it out.

Class K

Badger’s Class K model is the go-to choice for restaurant and kitchen managers that want the best.  Badger pioneered the wet agent and extinguishing technology used in kitchens more than four decades ago. The soft spray prevents splashing, which could spread the fire.

Halotron 1

Fires in a clean room, server farm or computer room can be catastrophic.  Badger designed its Halotron 1 to extinguish the blazes unique to these environments. With the Halotron 1, there is no agent clean up necessary, and the agent is environmentally friendly.

MRI Non-Magnetic B5V CO2

Healthcare facilities with MRI devices look to should invest in the Badger Non-Magnetic B5V CO2 extinguishers.  These extinguishers are specifically designed to be used on energized equipment.  Moreover, the B5V CO2 extinguisher is a clean gaseous agent.

MRI Non-Magnetic XL5 Dry Chemical

While similar to the B5V mentioned above, CO2 extinguisher in its application on energized equipment, the XL5 model uses a dry chemical in place of a gaseous agent. It’s well suited for containing fires in occupancy areas surrounding MRI rooms.

Purple K Dry Chemical

The Purple K Dry Chemical extinguisher is excellent for combating class B and C fires.  The Purple K uses bicarbonate to extinguish flammable liquid and gas fires quickly.

Water Extinguishers

Water extinguishers are perfect for wood, paper, and other similar combustible materials   Additionally, water extinguishers are portable.

Wheeled Carbon Dioxide

These carbon dioxide based extinguishers are set on wheels, making them easier to port to the electrical fire and carry more extinguishing agent.

Wheeled Stored Pressure

Whether you use multipurpose, Purple K, or regular agents to put out your industrial fires, this wheeled stored pressure system can add flexibility and portability. Moreover, while containing more agent, it is slim enough to fit through any standard doorway.

Wheeled Regulated

Wheeled regulated extinguishers are ideal for high-risk fire hazards and can hold your agent of choice. Wheeled regulated extinguishers are also designed to be recharged on site when needed.