Janus is a leading fire protection and suppression company. Founded by four fire industry experts with more than 120 years of combined experience with fire protection and suppression tools, Janus has built a reputation on quality, excellence, innovation, and teamwork.

Clean Agent Suppression Systems

Janus clean agent suppression system uses Novec 1230 fluid, which is a Halon next-generation alternative.  Where environmentally sensitive firefighting options are important, Janus’ Novec is the way to go.  Janus clean agent systems provide the appropriate agent storage, fluid distribution components, trim components (fittings, connections, etc.), valve actuators, control panel, and alarm services for total coverage.

FM – 200 Suppression Systems

Some industries such as electronics, robotics, computer labs, server/clean rooms need fire suppression that can keep a fire at bay without harming the surroundings and contents. Janus’ FM-200 Suppression Systems are a tested and proven solution for these unique environments.  FM-200 is odorless, clean, and harmless to humans. Moreover, it’s easy to clean up since it leaves no residue. The FM-200 systems are set up in a similar fashion to Janus’ clean agent suppression systems. These systems are also ideal for computer labs, museums, and historical archives.

Carbon Dioxide Suppression Systems

For machining industries, flammable liquid storage, or power plants, fire suppression technology needs to be airtight. Simple agents tend not to work with flammable liquids, and certain metal fires can be stubborn without the right extinguishing agent on hand. Janus’ CO2 suppression systems are excellent choices for these industries. Whether you go with HPCO2 (less expensive for smaller systems) or LPCO2 (lower overall maintenance), you will receive a suppression system that can put out fires quickly and efficiently.

Alarm & Detection Systems

Janus provides businesses and industries with fire detection systems tailored to their specific needs.  Janus systems in place include smoke, heat or optical sensors strategically installed throughout a workplace, along with control panels to facilitate shutdown of any major systems, if needed.