People have been putting their trust in Kidde fire extinguishers for nearly a century. In 1917 Walter Kidde created his company to provide smoke detection products for ships. From those humble beginnings, Kidde became one of the most trusted names in fire detection and suppression in the world. Today, Kidde products can be found in businesses and homes across the globe.

Pro Line

For many businesses and homes, the Pro Line extinguisher from Kidde is a great option. Kidde manufactures four models of the Pro Line, ranging from 2.5 to 20 pounds per unit. Pro Line units all have quality aluminum or brass handles and feature solid steel construction. The 2.5 and 5-pound models are rated for lighter class A and B fires while the 10 and 20-pound extinguishers are better suited for heavier class A and B hazards.

Pro Plus

Kidde’s Pro Plus is designed to handle tougher hazards than the Pro Line.  The Pro Plus comes in 4 different sizes identical to those offered with the Pro Line extinguishers. The Pro Plus extinguishers are a great asset to have when you are faced with a tough industrial or commercial fire. Each of the Pro Plus models carry ABC dry chemical or BC chemical ratings.

Carbon Dioxide

Gas, flammable liquid, and electrical fires can be difficult to combat with traditional extinguishers. If your workplace has these potential hazard sources, carbon dioxide extinguishers are an excellent choice.  Perfect for putting out fires in sensitive equipment and leave no residue behind after discharging, Kidde’s Carbon Dioxide extinguishers come in 5, 10, 15, and 20-pound sizes.


Halotron extinguishers by Kidde are designed to fight fires that occur in electronics, robotic labs, or other areas where sensitive electrical equipment is stationed.  A key feature of the Halotron extinguishers is that they are environmentally friendly.  Kidde’s Halotron extinguishers provide an extended discharge range and are a clean agent.

Water & Wet Chemical

For kitchens, wet chemical extinguishers ensure that cooking-related fires are put out effectively.  For home use, water extinguishers are perfect for any class A fire that may occur. Kidde’s water and wet chemical extinguishers are portable and easy to use.


Kidde’s wheeled extinguishers are effective against various fires and can be charged with whatever agent you need for the kind of work you do. Kidde’s Wheeled Extinguishers will fit between most standard doorways and are available in 50 and 125-pound versions.

Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

Kidde manufactures surface-mounted cabinets made of steel with a tempered glass fronts that can hold 5, 10, or 20-pound extinguishers. The semi-recessed cabinets can hold 5 and 10-pound extinguishers. Each model is vandal resistant and has a Break Rite handle.