PyroChem, now part of the Johnson Controls, delivers leading solutions and innovations in fire suppression

Monarch Industrial Fire Protection

Industrial and automotive paint operations pose distinctive fire risks. Fire protection from Monarch goes above and beyond to keep your operation safe. Multiple nozzles of dry chemical are at the ready at the first sign of a fire. The nozzles are adjustable and cover a wide area, so fewer agent tanks are needed.

Kitchen Knight II

Kitchens have many hazards, not to mention the oil and grease that can combust. Wherever heat and flame are present, it is critical to take potential fire hazards seriously.  The Kitchen Knight II is a leading solution for commercial kitchens.

The Kitchen Knight II uses a wet agent that covers the flames, smothering them, and keeps the grease covered to prevent reflash. This system is designed for fire prevention in ventilation hood and ducts as well as griddle, fryer, range tops, broilers, and other high heat appliances in commercial kitchens. The Kitchen Knight II can be customized to the specifications of any kitchen.

FM-200 Clean Agent

Industries that use sensitive equipment – such as hospitals, electronics manufacturers, or computer labs – need an agent that won’t leave a mess or damage after the fire is extinguished. PyroChem’s FM-200 clean agent is the solution for these applications.

Detection & Control Equipment

The Autopulse line of control equipment from PyroChem is perfect for protecting a business when a fire strikes. With various programming options to fit your individual suppression plans and needs (deluge, water mist, foam, etc.), Autopulse control equipment provides the flexibility to stop any fire before it goes out of control. The Autopulse also offers an early intervention system that will notify the occupants of the structure of a fire threat while releasing the suppression agent.

Hand Portable Fire Extinguishers

PyroChem carries numerous hand portable fire extinguishers including:

  • dry chemical
  • water
  • carbon dioxide
  • clean agent
  • kitchen

Attendant & Attendant II Gas Station

Gas stations are one of the last places a spark or fire should occur. With the Attendant & Attendant II Gas Stations suppression systems in place, gas station operators have peace of mind knowing that their station will be protected by a state-of-the-art system. Both Attendant systems are designed to help occupants get away from their vehicles should a fire break out at or around a gas pump. Detectors above the pumps sense when a fire has initiated, releasing a dry agent to contain the fire. The Attendant & Attendant II are invaluable installations for any gas station.