Whether you are in the restaurant business, manage an oil refinery, or are a small business owner in need of peace of mind, A-1 Fire has the expert services to help you manage and mitigate the risk of a fire. A-1 Fire offers an array of fire suppression tools and services that can address your specific risks. Our wide selection of industry leading extinguishers and suppression systems is matched by our dedication to the upkeep of those systems and the highest quality installation of them. When you choose A-1 Fire, you get quality, expertise, and dedicated service. Below is a brief description of the services we provide.

We can get you a custom quotation for your fire protection needs.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire safety is important to almost all business’s risk management. A-1 Fire knows that one size does not fit all for fire safety, so we carry a wide selection of fire extinguishers. From Amerex to Janus, to Kidde products, A-1 Fire carries the leading brands in fire extinguishers. In addition to carrying extinguishers, A-1 is proud to provide unparalleled and comprehensive services for your company’s extinguishers. Our services include refills, tests, inspections, and repairs.

Fire-Alarm Systems

Although fire suppression is crucial, the alarms used are equally important. That’s why A-1 Fire takes pride in providing impeccable alarm system installation and testing. Keeping your business safe requires a properly functioning notification system. With A-1’s commitment to proper upkeep and tests, your mind will be at ease. You can rest assured that your building’s alarm systems will be ready to perform when called upon.

Engineered Suppression Systems

Engineered suppression systems come in different designs and capabilities depending on the type of business and types of fire associated with that industry. A-1 Fire determines what your business will need to respond to a fire that may occur at your site. We are experts in the products, design, and upkeep of the engineered suppression system as well. This includes suppression systems that use clean agent gas, CO2 systems, Novac 1230 systems and other notable engineered suppression systems.

Pre-Engineered Suppression Systems

If you run a facility that requires pre-engineered suppression, such as a paint shop or an industrial operation, A-1 Fire is the company for you. Our experienced pre-engineered suppression systems team will assess your needs and the best solutions. A-1 will create the design, requirements, installation, and maintenance of your pre-engineered suppression system. We stand behind our reputation and five decades of satisfying clients with some of the most challenging fire risks in the world.

Service/Repair & Inspect

Like any safety system, fire suppression and notification systems require proper service and repairs. If your business uses engineered suppression systems, fire extinguishers, and alarms, they need attention and inspection on a regular basis to be fully function and ready when they are needed most. Contact A-1 Fire today if you are in need of a full inspection of your fire suppression tools.

Design & Install

New businesses often have a general idea of what they need for fire suppression. That said, the designs and installation of those systems are often difficult to map, and there are many details to address and engineer. At A-1, our team works closely with clients to ensure that a fire suppression plan specifically addresses their unique fire risks. Whether it’s fire extinguishers or a fully customized suppression system, know that A-1 has you covered.