Design and Installation

A-1 Fire provides exceptional service to each and every client. No matter the type of business, A-1 is committed to making that business safer in the event of a fire. This commitment to safety includes helping clients design and install fire suppression systems. A-1 has an extensive selection of fire suppression and prevention tools on hand, and we work closely with clients to decide what system and design best fit their specific situation and needs. Below are some of the design and installation services that A-1 Fire provides.

Kitchen Suppression Systems

If you are the owner of a restaurant, you want to focus on what’s important: keeping customers coming back. Your kitchen is designed to help create incredible food. So why shouldn’t your suppression system be designed with as much care?

A-1 Fire can engineer the ideal fire suppression system for your kitchen. With different sizes and a variety of nozzles to choose from, we can customize your suppression system appropriately. After the design, we’ll install the system to ensure that in a time of crisis it works as intended.

Engineered Suppression

For some businesses, equipment can be written off as a loss after a fire. It’s not ideal, but it happens. For data farms, clean rooms, medical labs, and technology organizations, where the equipment is essential and the data stored on it even more so, engineered suppression systems are the best solution. Standard water-based suppression systems can’t do the job because water will damage the sensitive equipment and data stored therein.

For clients that need a more sophisticated and focused fire suppression solution, A-1 has decades of experience with engineered suppression systems. From Halon technology to Clean Agent Gas suppression, to CO2 systems, A-1 can deliver the right solution. From design to installation we can do it all, thereby giving clients better project management with only one contact point and one responsible party – A-1 Fire.

Pre-Engineered Suppression System

We realize you have many choices and know Fire Suppression isn’t something to take lightly. A-1 Fire has been providing Pre-Engineered System solutions for hazards like Paint Booths, Chemical Storage, Kitchen Hoods and Mobile Equipment for decades. Pre-Engineered Systems have been shown to reduce equipment loss, down time and most importantly save lives. A-1 Fire looks forward to assisting on your project.

Fire Alarms

A quick response to a fire is the best way to keep your customers, personnel, and business protected during a fire. Working fire alarms are essential to fire safety, and their design should not be taken for granted. With a well-designed working alarm system, businesses can increase the probability that everyone in the building is alerted about a fire and have time to safely exit the building, structure, or facility. A-1 Fire will make sure that the design and installation of your fire alarms are optimal and that they are integrated with other fire systems on site for a robust response in the event of a fire.