Engineered Fire Suppression Systems

With decades of experience and expertise, A-1 Fire specializes in customized engineered fire suppression systems.

Fire safety and related risk management challenges are many times complex, especially where extraordinary fire protection is needed. At A-1 Fire we work closely with clients to identify their needs, take into account all regulatory requirements, to create customized engineered fire suppression systems.

Every client has specific fire suppression needs, and we leverage our deep and wide experience and expertise to develop the optimal solution. At A-1 Fire our clients for engineered fire suppression systems include; clean rooms, data storage facilities, healthcare facilities, large industrial manufacturers, oil and chemical plants, flammable storage firms, fuel dispensing operations and special vehicles.

At A-1 Fire our team has decades of experience, and we are proud to be an authorized reseller/distributor for nearly all the leading fire suppression equipment manufacturers. A-1 Fire has unique experience in designing and engineering custom fire suppression systems due to our location in Houston, Texas – the energy capital of the work. Fire risk management and response are critical for the petrochemical refining industry, where a fire event has potential to be catastrophic. Our engineered fire suppression professionals are specially trained and educated to design and engineer custom systems for any application. Our strong relationship with manufacturers provides us with additional training and in-depth product knowledge.

Clean Agent Systems

FM200 Systems

FM200 engineered fire suppression systems are ideal to help protect computers, computer related devices, data and severs. These types of equipment would be damaged or destroyed by a water-based suppression system. Using an FM200 system the equipment is better protected. FM200 systems deploy a specialized extinguishing agent that protects valuable electronics, computers, sensitive equipment and data.

While FM200 is the best solution in many instances, sometimes other “clean agents” are better suited where water or other agents can cause damage.

CO2 & Sapphire Systems

With our expertise, we can identify the best clean agent system for your specific fire protection and risk needs. We provide C02 and Sapphire engineered fire suppression systems. These systems, like FM200, leave sensitive equipment free of contamination and fire damage. Let us but of skill and experience to work for you and engineer the best clean agent system for your facility or structure.

Novec 1230 Systems

If using an environmentally friendly suppression agent is crucial for your operations or corporate culture, we offer 3M’s Novec 1230. Novac 1230 is unique among suppression agents in that it provides the largest margin of safety relative to all other clean agents. Like other clean agents, Novec 1230 is a clean fire extinguishing agent, that leaves valuable equipment and sensitive materials operational and clean. Moreover, Novec 1230, when used has a global warming impact of 1 – out of a possible 100. No other clean agent is that environmentally friendly and helps reduce greenhouse emissions.

Inergen Systems

In a clean, non-conductive and natural fire suppression agent that will not damage valuable assets or people. As you have read, there isn’t a clean agent for every situation or fire risk. Inergen is another clean agent, but it has some unique characteristic. Inergen, unlike many other clean agents, is safe for humans to breath because it is nontoxic and doesn’t produce corrosive decomposition products. Finally, because of its composition, it is very environmentally friendly since it “poses no ozone depletion or global warming potential and is warranted to comply with future environmental standards.”

Dry Chemical Systems

Industrial fires have special suppression needs. Applying the wrong agent can actually increase the fire and relating damage. Areas that have a need for dry chemical suppression systems include solvent and paint production and storage, paint booths and other areas that contain volatile organic or highly flammable vapors. A-1 Fire custom designs outstanding dry chemical suppression systems for its clients.

Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

A-1 Fire also designs fire suppression systems for specialized vehicles. From military vehicles to heavy vehicles to public transport, A-1 Fire has created highly effective and customized solutions.

Services After the Install

Our capabilities and offering don’t end after the install. We provide every service you need to keep your engineered fire suppression system in top condition and ready to respond should a fire erupt. From inspection, service, repair, maintenance and more, we can be your one source for your fire protection and suppression needs.

Contact us today to learn more about how our experience and expertise can solve your most challenging fire suppression needs.