Fire Alarm Systems

If you are in need of only the best in fire alarm brands for your school, hospital, paint shop, building, plant or office, A-1 Fire has the experience and access to the leading manufacturers to find the optimal fit for your fire risk.

Silent Knight

Since 1961, Silent Knight has been a leader in fire alarm technology. Depending on the size of your business, you can choose from two different types of fire alarm control panels: addressable and conventional. When you choose Silent Knight, you have many options when it comes to your fire detection needs. Silent Knight offers a wide range of both addressable and conventional devices, emergency communication systems, power supplies, and both audible and visual notification appliances.


Farenhyt has many options to choose from for addressable fire alarm system. Farenhyt offers different panels, emergency communicators for buildings, IP communicators, very early warning devices, and analytics equipment from Honeywell for gas and flame detection for commercial buildings. They also offer nurse calling appliances for hospitals as well as firefighter telephone systems.

Fire Lite

Fire-Lite is the pioneer of addressable systems. If you use an addressable fire detection system for your business, no matter the brand, you have Fire-Lite by Honeywell to thank.

Since 1952, Fire-Lite has supplied businesses with low-to-mid sized fire alarm control communicators, remote power supplies, annunciators and voice evacuation products for addressable systems. Fire-Lite carries everything from addressable and conventional control panels to emergency command centers, to pull stations, to annunciators, to releasing panels, to power supplies for your system. They also carry an array of wireless devices and equipment.

Every business needs quality fire alarms and detection equipment. At A-1 Fire Equipment we are here to help. For more information, or to order fire alarms and detection equipment for your business, please call us at 713-455- 0296 or send us a message.