Service/Repair & Inspections

Protecting your office or business from fire is critical to your operations. Having the right tools and devices in place ensures that a facility, plant or building will be prepared in the event of a fire. At A-1 Fire our selection of hardware and our expertise in fire suppression and protection is second to none. Moreover, we provide expert repairs and inspections of all your fire suppression and prevention equipment. Poorly maintained fire suppression equipment is a dangerous liability to persons and property should a fire event occur. A-1 Fire provides unsurpassed repair and inspection services for businesses regardless if A-1 installed the system or hardware or not. Our mission is to help businesses protect life and property from fire.

Kitchen Suppression Systems

Restaurant kitchens, corporate dining facilities and other facilities where cooking and open flame are present, require special attention and systems due to the nature of fires that can occur in these locations. Whether it’s a small restaurant or a large commercial kitchen, A-1 Fire’s expert inspection services ensures that your suppression system is up to your local fire code. If you are unsure of your system’s status, give A-1 Fire a call. From to top to bottom, A-1 Fire can inspect any fire suppression and prevention system and correct any deficiencies to bring your system back into fire code compliance. Additionally, the team at A-1 Fire has the expertise and experience to make necessary repairs to the entire system to keep it running smoothly. We also offer maintenance that eliminates administrative and reporting headaches.

Engineered Suppression

For technology companies, medical facilities, and refineries where water-based suppression won’t work or is detrimental, engineered suppression systems are the optimal solution. Whether a clean agent or CO2, these systems must be in good working condition if they are to protect personnel and high-value equipment. A-1 Fire is well versed and experienced to provide the appropriate service and inspections needed to keep these systems working accordingly. Your data systems, medical equipment, and high-value assets are crucial to your work, so your engineered suppression system should be up to par. A-1 can keep your system in top working order.

Fire Alarms

It doesn’t matter how efficient your fire suppression systems are, if your notification systems do not work properly. Alarms must be fully functional so that your customers and employees are notified in the event of a fire. A-1 Fire can help you inspect and repair your fire alarm system. When you select A-1 to inspect and repair your alarm systems, you won’t have to worry about faulty alarms anymore