Suppression Systems Brands

When choosing a fire suppression system for your business, it’s important to consult with fire prevention experts to ensure the correct system is chosen. Businesses and institutions will need different levels of fire suppression.

A-1 Fire Equipment offers the top fire suppression brands on the market today. You can rest assured that by choosing A-1 Fire Discovery your business will have the very best protection and suppression in the event of a fire.

For schools or a typical office structure, a water or agent suppression system works great. This is because the kinds of fires you typically occur in these buildings are from standard combustibles like paper, wood, and trash. For the the oil and gas industry or petrochemical industry, a deluge system is a good option, but a dry chemical suppression system is even better. For businesses with high-value equipment such as computers, data centers, robotics and prototypes, agent-based suppression systems are ideal. Water or various agents will damage data and materials, but gas systems will snuff the flames while leaving equipment relatively safe and salvageable.


Ansul carries a variety of suppression systems designed for various industries. Their restaurant systems are used in more kitchens than any other brand. They use a low Ph liquid agent to suppress fire and offer two different models to suit your commercial kitchen’s needs. Ansul’s gaseous systems are perfect for protecting your high-value servers. If you are in the oil and gas sector, Ansul’s dry chemical systems will are excellent solutions to the unique challenges of oil and gas fires.


There are two options for kitchen protection available from Amerex. Whether you run a small kitchen, culinary school, hospital kitchen, or a school cafeteria, the KP (small model) and ZD (large model) models will quickly extinguish any fires you encounter.


Janus provides a host of fire suppression products. Janus’ clean agent system uses Novec 1230 fluid to extinguish fires in data storage facilities while their FM-200 system offers a clean and odorless suppression option perfect for museums and art galleries. Janus’ foam system is made to address aviation related fires. Janus also has a long history of delivering outstanding water suppression systems for office and school environments.


Pyro-Chem manufactures a comprehensive line of fire protection products for commercial and industrial applications. Pyro-Chem’s Kitchen Knight II is a top of the line restaurant fire suppression system that meets the main challenges of today’s commercial kitchens. With advanced liquid extinguishing agent, this system is designed for virtually any situation. Each design is manufactured to the highest standards.


Kidde offers a wide selection suppression systems. Their clean agent and inert suppression systems are perfect for electrical equipment fires, with the inert system being much safer should people be in the fire’s path. Kidde also carries dry chemical suppression systems for paint and industrial facilities. Kidde also makes systems for kitchen fire suppression and they also design marine fire suppression systems that fight fires that occur in a maritime environment.

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